What We Do

Our Services

We have taken strides in ensuring that we deliver up-to-standard sanitary bins to our clients.

They are fitted with bin liners and sterilized with sanitizers to achieve freshness and ensure the highest level of hygiene is maintained

Our services involve the collection and replacement of used bins with fresh ones. This is outlined in a contractual agreement between the client and ourselves that stipulates frequency and packages.

We offer the following packages

Bi weekly

  • Replacement of bins twice a week

Once a week

  • Replacement of bins once a week

Bi monthly

  • Replacement of bins twice a month


  • Replacement of bins every month

Private functions

  • The supply of bins to events and functions

Private homes

  • The supply of bins to residential homes

Our Business

Our business runs on transparency and integrity. We observe utmost hygiene before provision of service by methodically sterilizing and disinfecting our bins using the very best sanitation products sourced only from leading manufacturers.

Upon use, they are collected and all waste disposed of hygienically in compliance with the NEMA Regulations Act by only partnering with companies licensed by NEMA to carry out incineration services

Our Team

Every day, all our staff members go into work with the sole purpose of making this world a little more hygienic. Our team is trained to ensure adeptness in sanitary bin standards, information that can be availed for validation should the need arise. They don branded uniforms and protective gear, company identity cards in possession, ready to take on the challenge.

We believe in the power of hygiene to make this world a more comfortable place for women to strive to achieve their goals, with no limitations. We are currently situated in three counties, as we work towards growing and offering more of our services in other locations.