About Us

Our Story

Our story began during a tumultuous time for Kenya and inadvertently its economy, owing to the 2007 Post Election Violence. Despite the unfavorable political and economic climate, our founder’s dream would not let up. It was the kind of dream that does not relent until it is realized; startling you awake with ideas in the dead of the night, forcing you to map out plans and strategies while the world sleeps.

Our founder has been passionate about sanitation and female hygiene for decades. Having worked in hospitality for over 30 years, she had a front row seat at witnessing the lack of proper solutions for the disposal of sanitary towels in establishments.

Only high-end organizations managed to provide suitable solutions, with an evident gap in the SME and MSME establishments, who had to try and find creative ways to uphold proper female hygiene in their premises. Her dream was born out of this need, making it her life’s mission to bridge this gap one bin at a time.

Our values

Our Vision
To be the market leader in the supply of sanitary bin services in the country, and beyond. To provide quality service and timely support to our customers while observing utmost care
Our Motto
“Experience the difference. Embrace personal hygiene.”
Our Mission
To provide our customers with the finest sanitary bin services by ensuring that environmental, health and safety measures are taken into consideration at all times. We incorporate transparency and professionalism in how we do business, ensuring that we forge strong and lasting relationships which will help us grow and build a stronger Kenya.

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